Human body is consist of hundreds of joint. Among others, Hip and Knee joint are extremely important on human activity. The correct walking and exercise keep your body alignment good, however joint can be wear in a condition like as external shock, osteoporosis and etc. In this case, we suggest the most satisfaction way of re-building your body axis which is ROBODOC surgery.

Robodoc have developed to help surgeons improve alignment accuracy, precise bone resection, and eliminate alignment errors. Because of this, surgeons who currently using ROBODOC says longer implant life is expected, as the close contact between the bone and implant (fit, fill) prevent the introduction of wear particle, which can cause implant loosening, osteolysis, etc. Due to superior implant fit and fill, the bone to implant interface allows the ROBODOC patient next day weight bearing (in most cases), where conventional THA, TKA allows weight bearing at 2-3 days post-op (on average).

Here is x-ray comparison of conventional method and ROBODOC.

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